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03 July 2003


You didn't really think Microsoft was going to keep giving you Internet Explorer for free forever, did you? And you Windows users -- you didn't really think MS was just discontinuing new free versions of IE for the mac, did you?

If so you were mistaken. MS will no longer be offering new standalone versions of IE for any platform -- and it could turn out to be the best thing that's happened to browsers in a while..

So, you Windows users (that includes me) who think you might want a browser with new features from time to time without necessarily upgrading your OS when Microsoft says jump -- may I suggest Mozilla? In fact, may I suggest Mozilla Firebird?

I've been using it for a few weeks now, and love it. It is more customizable, more standards compliant, and has a vibrant development community. Oh yeah, and it's free.

Sometimes free IS better.

On that note, we'll also be switching over this holiday weekend from MT to Nucleus, another example of a wonderful piece of open-source software with ongoing development.

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02 July 2003

Psych Test

Thanks to Alex, I found this wonderful little distraction earlier, an online psych test that concluded the following about me:

Auditory : 33%
Visual : 66%
Left : 66%
Right : 33%

kevin, you are somewhat left-hemisphere dominant and show a preference for visual learning, although not extreme in either characteristic. You probably tend to do most things in moderation, but not always.

Your left-hemisphere dominance implies that your learning style is organized and structured, detail oriented and logical. Your visual preference, though, has you seeking stimulation and multiple data. Such an outlook can overwhelm structure and logic and create an almost continuous state of uncertainty and agitation. You may well suffer a feeling of continually trying to "catch up" with yourself.

Your tendency to be organized and logical and attend to details is reasonably well-established which should afford you success regardless of your chosen field of endeavor. You can "size up" situations and take in information rapidly. However, you must then subject that data to being classified and organized which causes you to "lose touch" with the immediacy of the problem.

Your logical and methodical nature hamper you in this regard though in the long run it may work to your advantage since you "learn from experience" and can go through the process more rapidly on subsequent occasions.

You remain predominantly functional in your orientation and practical. Abstraction and theory are secondary to application. In keeping with this, you focus on details until they manifest themselves in a unique pattern and only then work with the "larger whole."

With regards to your career choices, you have a mentality that would be good as a scientist, coach, athlete, design consultant, or an engineering technician. You can "see where you want to go" and even be able to "tell yourself," but find that you are "fighting yourself" at the darndest times.

There you have it.

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I've said I don't think much of the job Carroll Dawson and Rudy Tomjanovich have done in talent acquisition over the last few (non-playoff) years. Aside from Cuttino Mobley, Steve Francis, and Yao Ming (yeah yeah, my doubts about that one were WRONG), talent acquisition has been a bust (including Eddie Griffin, who hasn't contributed much).

Apparently Jeff Van Gundy feels the same way, as his Rockets won't be pursuing the team's last two second-round draft picks (now free agents). Second-round picks need to contribute SOMETHING to the team. These guys didn't, and that happened all too often with players Rudy T/Carroll Dawson acquired/drafted over the past few years.

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01 July 2003


As a result of the ACC expansion, Louisville is almost certainly going to move to the Big East, which is a step up for them.

That may well cause Conference USA to splinter (good riddance).

And that will leave Houston looking for a new conference.

The WAC apparently would love to have the Coogs, Tulane, and TCU, which would allow it to split into eastern and western halves and make it slightly less of a joke of an athletic conference (although not a whole lot less). When the eastern part of your conference is mainly composed of the losers of the old SWC (although Houston had some good years), it's hard to say much. Except it does potentially make for better rivalries than UH-Memphis or UH-Army (really, who gives a flying f*ck?). I mean, Rice-UH conference competition in baseball suddenly becomes even more interesting than competing for the Silver Glove. Throw in Tulane and even TCU, and at least that sport could be decent. Unfortunately, it's not a revenue sport. *sigh*

I still remember back when UH's AD (can't recall which dunderhead it was at the time) sat back and watched the elite teams of the SWC bolt to the Big 12, all the time thinking he would get an invite to the SEC and show them. Umm, sure. That worked out. Now, I'm sitting here thinking the WAC-East sounds like an improvement in many ways to the current situation. Stay tuned.

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I Need Some Football

Remember how the new baseball stadium was going to boost the Astros' budget?

Yeah, I remember hearing that a lot.

And all I've read since the opening of the Juice Container with so many bad seats are things like this:

Hunsicker has attempted to trade for a veteran starting pitcher for more than a month. His problem is that the available pitchers are either little better than what he has on the staff or have contracts beyond his budget.
Thanks, Drayton.

Good gawd, I hate this time of the year. One, it's hotter than hell, and two, football is still weeks away.

Damnit, I need my Bill Parcells training camp to get underway! I need to see Mack Brown quake before the power of the Bob Stoops visor. Hell, I'm even looking forward to see what Art Briles cooks up here in town (now that Houston is trying a coach with a man's first name, the results can't help but be better than what Kim and Dana produced).

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I've experienced my second instance of downtime with the good folks at Cyberonic DSL. They didn't get things resolved as quickly as last time (again, it was an MCI/Worldcom network issue) and estimated things would be fixed sooner than they were (this is really beyond their control), but the downtime was still a little over 12 hours.

Still far preferable to Time Warner/Road Runner. *shudder* Things are flying again at the moment. And it came at a good time, as we were entertaining friends anyway (a refrain, of late, as we've been having various guests in Houston for about a week now -- very enjoyable, in fact).

Oh, and when did Worldcom decide to go with the MCI name? Smooth move, to be sure, but I guess I missed it when it happened. Personally, though, I might have gone with the less ubiquitous uunet. It's not as if most people don't associate MCI and Worldcom, but uunet... that's a puzzler (except to geeks).

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Yeah Yeah, It's Coming

Okay, so I really hoped to roll out the new design and cms and all to start this month. But obviously, the month has started and the thing isn't quite ready to go. But at some point over the July 4 weekend, I'll probably take it live.

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