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You didn't really think Microsoft was going to keep giving you Internet Explorer for free forever, did you? And you Windows users -- you didn't really think MS was just discontinuing new free versions of IE for the mac, did you?

If so you were mistaken. MS will no longer be offering new standalone versions of IE for any platform -- and it could turn out to be the best thing that's happened to browsers in a while..

So, you Windows users (that includes me) who think you might want a browser with new features from time to time without necessarily upgrading your OS when Microsoft says jump -- may I suggest Mozilla? In fact, may I suggest Mozilla Firebird?

I've been using it for a few weeks now, and love it. It is more customizable, more standards compliant, and has a vibrant development community. Oh yeah, and it's free.

Sometimes free IS better.

On that note, we'll also be switching over this holiday weekend from MT to Nucleus, another example of a wonderful piece of open-source software with ongoing development.

[Posted at 16:22 CST on 07/03/03] [Link]

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