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Tokin' Rocket

From KHOU comes news that Houston Rocket Eddie Griffin joins teammate Mo Taylor on the Toking-Up squad.

Very impressive.

So not only is this team circling the drain and about to miss the playoffs AGAIN, but two players that Rudy T and Carroll Dawson moved heaven and earth to acquire have turned out to be potheads in addition to being underachievers (and costing owner Les Alexander a lot of dough).

Throw in the fact that Rudy T and Carroll D traded a fairly productive player (Kenny Thomas) for a less productive one (James Posey) to get Pothead Taylor and Pothead Griffin more playing time, and you have to wonder how much longer Les Alexander can afford to employ these guys?

Yeah, I know Rudy T's sick and you shouldn't kick a sick man. And I know there's a chance they may still make the playoffs. But at what point do you hold Rudy T and Carroll D accountable for this underachieving team that they have put together?

(Update) Leave it to the Comical to publish a bunch of sympathetic quotes about the situation. The ones from Pothead Taylor are priceless.

[Posted at 23:08 CST on 04/07/03] [Link]

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