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The Collapse Continues

Early in the season, the Rockets looked to be a lock to make the playoffs.

And then, in typical Houston sports franchise fashion, the Rockets went into freefall (which began, interestingly, not long after a midseason trade engineered by Rudy T and Carroll Dawson). It's unlikely they're going to arrest this slide, outplay the main contenders for the last playoff spot, and get in.

Which brings me back to the Rudy T deathwatch.

I know it's inconceivable that the Rockets could move into a new building next season without the icon that IS Rudy T coaching them.

But let's face it, they've been bad the last few years, and even worse than that, underachievers the last two years. It's not the fault of the front office. Rudy T's buddy Carroll Dawson has pretty much made all the roster moves Rudy's wanted, and owner Les Alexander has shelled out cash to lock up players Rudy wanted.

And it hasn't worked. This "young" team isn't getting any better, and Cuttino Mobley and Steve Francis are veterans. The "young" excuse just doesn't fly.

But how do you get rid of a legend like Rudy T? Or will he step aside if they don't make the playoffs?

It could be ugly. Kind of like the basketball they've played of late.

[Posted at 22:26 CST on 03/04/03] [Link]

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