Glossary - October 2001

For the benefit of newer readers (or people just plain bored off their ass), here is a list of terms that I use on the website, and their descriptions.

Slightly milder variation of the profanity "asshole."  Originating with Jim Rome.
Al Dullton
Al Sharpton, race-baiting ideologue and self-proclaimed "civil rights leader."
Alan Dipshitwitz
Liberal law Professor and noted criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, for his increasingly inane views.
In the dialect used here, a powerful term that can be used as a noun, adjective, and verb, typically expressing dissatisfaction (along the lines of "blech" or "ugh").  Usage: "It was a blar monday."  "It's cold and rainy outside today.  Blar!"  Originating with Jonni.
Ted Kennedy, referring to his girth, which is a graphic (much too graphic) representation of both the welfare state he advocates and his own personal indulgence.  Alternative references: [Bloa]Ted[DrunkenPhilanderer], Chap Kennedy.
Bore and Tubber
Al Gore and Tipper Gore, referring to Al's lack of dynamism and Tipper's heft (not usually something we make fun of, fighting the weight and health battles ourselves, but we're not always nice to LeftWingNuts here).
Former President Bill Clinton, who is living proof that you can take the redneck out of Arkansas, but you can never take Arkansas out of the redneck.
Chap Kennedy
Ted Kennedy, referring to the Senator's "incident" at Chappaquidick.  See also [Bloa]Ted.
Intellectual associated with the Claremont Institute, a California think tank devoted to promoting the principles of the American Founding.
Co-President McPain
Senator John McCain (R, Media), referring to the ego-maniacal politician's insistence that an evenly divided Senate consider his agenda rather than that of the newly elected Republican President Bush (who kicked McPain's ass in the primaries).  See also John McPain.
Colon Bowel
Secretary of State Colin Powell, in reference to his decided lack of leadership at the State Department (except of course, when it comes to bashing Israel -- something that comes naturally to the Arabists at State) and in keeping with a prior tradition of nicknaming the Secretary of State (See Madeleine Not-At-Albright). As Rich Lowry sees it, Powell "lacks the most basic ingredient to effective political leadership: ideas. Without them, no matter how much charisma and experience you have, you are adrift, a captive to the people and institutions around you, unable to impose on them a direction of your choosing."
My downstairs neighbor at the old apartment on West Gray, in reference to his apelike physical, mental, and behavioral qualities.  See Cro-Magnon and Cro-Magnon II.
Dan Blather
CBS newsman Dan Rather, in reference to his leftist bias and nonsensical folksy metaphors.
David Hippiewitz
Author, activist, and columnist David Horowitz. An admitted LeftWingHippie in his youth, Horowitz over the years has shifted ideologically to the right while maintaining that "ME ME ME" self-indulgence of his hippie past. Epitome (perhaps only example) of the species RightWingHippie.
Economic Czar
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, in reference to the seemingly cult-like status the secretive little political wizard has achieved over the years, as he has largely abandoned earlier gold-standard views in favor of a monetary model that appears to target stock prices of all things.
See Euroweenies.
Elite European (and UK) socialist leaders, who are opposed to the death penalty, any military action that might piss off anyone, any lessening of government's role in everyday life, etc.  Typically, the Euroweenies can be found fiddling while Rome burnsAlternative usage: Eurowankers.
Gray-Out Davis
Governor Gray Davis (D, Peoples' State of California), in reference to his advocacy of policies (continued radical environmentalism coupled with price caps) that would exacerbate his state's ongoing blackouts.  Originating with Rush Limbaugh.  See Also: Yellow Davis
Jesse Jacksoff
Jesse Jackson, race-baiting ideologue, tax cheat, adulterer, and self-proclaimed "civil-rights leader."  Alternative references: Jesse Jackass, Je$$e Jack$off
John McPain
Senator John McCain (R, Media), in reference to the man's egomaniacal quest to trump George Bush in order (apparently) to assuage the pain of getting his ass kicked in the primaries.  See also Co-President McPain
Jo[k]e Lieberman
Senator Joe Lieberman (D, Media), long a darling of the media, in reference to his abandoning every substantive view ever held as AlGore's running mate, only to move away from AlGore's positions after the election, in preparation for his own potential presidential run.
Kangaroo Kourt
The Florida Supreme Court, which during the 2000 election debacle, made a mockery of Florida's election laws and procedures, judicial interpretation, the rule of law, AND disregarded a direct US Supreme Court remand.
Lee Brown's America
The nation's fourth largest city, Houston, which has fallen into an incredible state of disrepair under the inept administration of Mayor Lee P. Brown.  For background, see Lee Brown's Model City
Term used to denote an hysterical liberal statist, holding views far outside the political mainstream.  Usage: "Ted Kennedy is a typical LeftWingNut."  Numerous variations, such as LeftWingEducationNut, LeftWingAcademicNut, LeftWingSects, LeftWingTreeHuggers, etc.
Deliberately sexist adjective used on this site to point out numerous attractive female writers of the libertarian-conservative persuasion.  Usage: "The lovely Michelle Malkin,"  "the lovely Laura Ingraham," "the lovely Evelynne."  The combination of sharp writing and physical beauty is something that the LeftWingNuts just can't match, and we celebrate that here!
Madeleine Not-at-Albright
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, quite possibly the dumbest, least effective, least relevant Secretary of State in the history of the country.
The media and other hysterical devotees of John McPain, from Paul Gigot.  Adj: McCainiacal.
NPR (or National Public Radio), in reference to the network's hopelessly leftist bias.
Unconvicted murderer O.J. Simpson.  Borrowed from Jim Rome.
Peoples' State of California
California. An allusion to similarities between the electricity shortages caused by the government of California, and the "fictional" messes caused by governments of various states in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.
A serious medical condition not to be confused with PMS.  For background, see PMS? Perhaps Not!
Conservatives like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and some of the NewsMax writers, who scare ME sometimes with their views.  A variant of LeftWingNut.
Robert Tyrd
Senator Robert Byrd (D, Redneckia), whose use of the term "white nigger" went largely unreported and uncriticized. Can be pronounced "Tired" or "Turd" depending on context.
Senator Hillary RODHAM Clinton (D, People's State of NY), in reference to the fact that in the early years of Bubba's political career and marriage, the current Senator used the name Hillary Rodham. When Bubba encountered some political trouble in Arkansas, she adopted the more familiar Hillary Rodham Clinton, which sometimes her media worshippers shorten to the friendlier "Hillary." We encourage the Senator to throw off the oppression of "the man" and go back to her earlier usage, and have already done just that for her here.
Scary Man
Reference to the most political Attorney General in the history of the United States, Janet Reno. Originating (at least to my knowledge) with Mr. Tom Hanna. Usage: Why did that Scary Man Janet Reno torch those children in Waco?
Senator GoldDigger
Jean Carnahan (D, MO), whose replacement of her late husband after his victory over John Ashcroft was legally and constitutionally dubious, not to mention crassly opportunistic.  Borrowed from John Hutchison (see his Xmas Missive, quoted here).
Twit for Jesus
Richard Roberts, son of evangelist Oral Roberts and President of ORU.  See Background Photo.
Christian.  Originating from "X-Mas" since presumably Xians celebrate Xmas.
Yellow Davis
Gray Davis (D, the Peoples' State of California), referring to his decided lack of leadership (cowardice?) in resolving the electricity fiasco.  Obsolete; see Gray-Out Davis.

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