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I Need Some Football

Remember how the new baseball stadium was going to boost the Astros' budget?

Yeah, I remember hearing that a lot.

And all I've read since the opening of the Juice Container with so many bad seats are things like this:

Hunsicker has attempted to trade for a veteran starting pitcher for more than a month. His problem is that the available pitchers are either little better than what he has on the staff or have contracts beyond his budget.
Thanks, Drayton.

Good gawd, I hate this time of the year. One, it's hotter than hell, and two, football is still weeks away.

Damnit, I need my Bill Parcells training camp to get underway! I need to see Mack Brown quake before the power of the Bob Stoops visor. Hell, I'm even looking forward to see what Art Briles cooks up here in town (now that Houston is trying a coach with a man's first name, the results can't help but be better than what Kim and Dana produced).

[Posted at 21:20 CST on 07/01/03] [Link]

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