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I've experienced my second instance of downtime with the good folks at Cyberonic DSL. They didn't get things resolved as quickly as last time (again, it was an MCI/Worldcom network issue) and estimated things would be fixed sooner than they were (this is really beyond their control), but the downtime was still a little over 12 hours.

Still far preferable to Time Warner/Road Runner. *shudder* Things are flying again at the moment. And it came at a good time, as we were entertaining friends anyway (a refrain, of late, as we've been having various guests in Houston for about a week now -- very enjoyable, in fact).

Oh, and when did Worldcom decide to go with the MCI name? Smooth move, to be sure, but I guess I missed it when it happened. Personally, though, I might have gone with the less ubiquitous uunet. It's not as if most people don't associate MCI and Worldcom, but uunet... that's a puzzler (except to geeks).

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