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Several months ago, I dropped my HORRIBLE AWFUL TERRIBLE Time-Warner cable internet and signed on for DSL service through Cyberonic (1500 down, 768 up, static IP, and about the same price as crappy SBC/Yahoo).

Lately, I've been cringing, because several people have asked how the service has been, how much downtime I've had, etc.

See, I didn't want to jinx things, because there's actually been zero downtime or latency issues or anything out of the ordinary since the DSL went live sometime in December. But I made the mistake of telling someone that the other night.

Oops. Late last night I had my first problem. And it was an odd problem. Download speeds slower than dialup (like 16k or so), upload speeds still normal (about 620k), ping info via pingplotter still totally normal. So I called Cyberonic, walked the highly knowledgeable tech (what a relief after the Time Warner goofs!) through the problem, and he immediately identified it as a network issue and escalated to Worldcom (Cyberonic is a Worldcom reseller).

I puttered around a bit more, and ran some line tests via dslreports, which indicated a problem with a worldcom router a couple of hops up from me. Seems it was passing my stuff headed out just fine, but was really misbehaving on stuff coming back to me. I forwarded the tests to Worldcom and Cyberonic support this morning, got a quick response from Worldcom, and within a couple of hours was back to full speed (routed around the problem).

Now THAT, my friends, is outstanding in its own right. But compared to Time Warner? Man oh man -- TWC never DID fix a similar problem with a piece of equipment that I identified for their techs several times, which finally led me to Cyberonic. So kudos to Worldcom. Whatever problems they may be having more broadly as a company, they took care of my network issue. And FAST.

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