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As a result of the ACC expansion, Louisville is almost certainly going to move to the Big East, which is a step up for them.

That may well cause Conference USA to splinter (good riddance).

And that will leave Houston looking for a new conference.

The WAC apparently would love to have the Coogs, Tulane, and TCU, which would allow it to split into eastern and western halves and make it slightly less of a joke of an athletic conference (although not a whole lot less). When the eastern part of your conference is mainly composed of the losers of the old SWC (although Houston had some good years), it's hard to say much. Except it does potentially make for better rivalries than UH-Memphis or UH-Army (really, who gives a flying f*ck?). I mean, Rice-UH conference competition in baseball suddenly becomes even more interesting than competing for the Silver Glove. Throw in Tulane and even TCU, and at least that sport could be decent. Unfortunately, it's not a revenue sport. *sigh*

I still remember back when UH's AD (can't recall which dunderhead it was at the time) sat back and watched the elite teams of the SWC bolt to the Big 12, all the time thinking he would get an invite to the SEC and show them. Umm, sure. That worked out. Now, I'm sitting here thinking the WAC-East sounds like an improvement in many ways to the current situation. Stay tuned.

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