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Yao Ming
Soon to be the newest Rocket?

Most sports analysts seem to think it's a good thing the Rockets won the NBA lottery. I'm not so sure.

Rudy Tomjanovich and Carroll Dawson have made about three good personnel moves in the last five years or so: Eddie Griffin, Steve Francis, and Cuttino Mobley. And then there are the moves that haven't panned out: big contracts for Kelvin Cato, Mo Taylor, Glen Rice, Matt Maloney, and high draft picks for players like Serge Zwikker (eh?) and Jacob Collier (wtf?).

There's already talk that they will draft Yao Ming, the Chinese equivalent of Shawn Bradley, and there's even been talk of how this will draw Houston's Asian community to games. That seems like a strange thing to worry about.

Rudy T and CD better get this one right and make it to the playoffs next season, or they will probably both have to be replaced. Their recent track record doesn't inspire much confidence. Personally, I hope they trade the pick for an established player.

[Posted at 23:53 CST on 05/20/02] [Link]

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