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South Austin Jug Band

Most shows at the Mucky Duck are good, but there are two types that I really like: 1) well-known artists (say, Joe Ely) who play two shows at the place, and give an unusually intimate performance or 2) lesser-known artists who play a single show in one evening, and may play half the damn night if they're having a good time.

Tuesday night at the Duck I caught one of the latter shows.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the South Austin Jug Band. I knew they had a great reputation, and many of them had played as stage musicians for Texas artists I like. And I knew they played bluegrass and swing. But that's it.

They blew our merry little crew away -- and I wouldn't say most of us were even bluegrass fans. They REALLY have a tight sound for a bluegrass band. Every member of the band did a really super job, but the mandolin player and (19-year old!) fiddle player stood out. I'm not a bluegrass expert -- though I like it on occasion -- so I can't really write a review that does their performance justice. I would have liked a little more swing, but hey -- who can complain after paying 8 bucks for FOUR HOURS of performance!?

If you're a live music fan and like Texas swing, bluegrass, fiddle, or just Texas music broadly, these guys are well worth catching at some point.

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