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Biggio's Speed?

This column has a LOT of whining about an individual statistic in a single game:

Considering Biggio's speed and the fact double plays can never be assumed, Jeff Bagwell thought his teammate was robbed.
Shouldn't the Whiny Bs be happy they've actually contributed to some wins lately (first time all season!), and not obsess over a minor statistic in ONE game?

The Chron writer who actually used the term "Biggio's speed" sort of sums up the Chron, doesn't he? Biggio was never an exceptionally speedy player, but in his best years he got a good jump and made use of above average speed to be a dangerous leadoff man. Age and surgery have slowed him down considerably, in the field and on the bases. On his best days, he has average speed -- for a guy who has hit mostly in the one and two holes all season, it has to be considered below-average speed.

But our Chron never lets little things like facts get in the way of what it prints.

And how ridiculous is this line:

Although dismayed, Craig Biggio didn't complain Thursday when he learned the official scorer at Cinergy Field had changed his RBI single to an error immediately after the 11-4 victory over the Reds on Wednesday.
If Biggio wasn't complaining, what exactly WAS this? Does every Chron writer have to preface complaints and talk of injury with, "Biggio isn't complaining [even though what follows sounds very much like complaining!]" or "Bagwell refuses to talk about his shoulder pain [even though we write about it every other day authoritatively, as if SOMEONE is telling us about it! Who? God perhaps?]"

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again: Houston's sports "journalists" are a joke.

[Posted at 11:30 CST on 07/05/02] [Link]

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