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No more Major League Baseball for me.

The a-holes (owners and players) nearly destroyed the game the last time there was a work stoppage.

Years later, fans finally came back to the parks. And for a while, owners and players alike actually treated them a little better than they had before.

It's taken a long time for the millionaires to summon the courage (idiocy?!) to utter the word "strike" again, but they've been doing it for months now, despite sagging attendance at most Major League parks.

If they go forward with this, I think Major League ball is done. I don't think most fans have much sympathy with either group of millionaires in this dispute. They just want to watch ball played at its highest level. Take that away from them -- again -- and I don't think they come back this time. The younger crowd is into other sports these days, and the hardcore baseball fans and purists (like me), can turn to college baseball in many places.

Indeed, college ball in many ways has become a much more enjoyable experience than the pro game. Typically, the guys bust their asses on every play. The vantage points are better many parks (I still cannot understand how you build an oversized Juice Container -- aka Minute Maid Field -- for a quarter of a billion bucks, and have so many obstructed view seats), putting all fans right in on the action. And we are blessed in Houston to have two of the best college teams (and facilities) in the country.

So, no trips to the Juice Container for me in the foreseeable future. My strike has already begun. Let the millionaires start theirs whenever they would like. On the Astros, I can think of a few overpaid Whiny Bs who are having seasons that suggest their strike already has begun!

(07-05-02 Update) Charles Krauthammer has penned an excellent column on this topic. Go read it.

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