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Boycott Nashville Country Radio

I just visited the website of St. Louis country station 93.7.

Lo and behold, they are having a chickless weekend.

But just below that announcement, there's a big spread about that loser Kenny Chesney.

Wouldn't it be nice if these crap Nashville-Country stations dropped BAD country music (Kenny, Shania, Faith, and the like) from their playlists, instead of dropping artists because of their political statements?

THAT would be too nice. In the meantime, there's always the wonderful Radio New Braunfels, 92.1 stream. Who cares about the politics? It's good, real country music.

(Update) Irony of ironies -- KNBT is running their weekly (Nashville) Americana show, which this week is featuring some of the Americana songwriters who provide the Dixie Chicks so much of their material (you didn't think they wrote anything themselves, didja?). I can't help but laugh.

[Posted at 16:39 CST on 03/15/03] [Link]

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