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A Little Late, Thom

The Comical's Thom Marshall blasts Mayor Pothole today:

There is a sad tone in the mayor's plea for outside help in running the city. However else he tries to package it, it comes across as an admission that he just couldn't do it himself. He didn't know how to put together the sort of team he needed to get things done. He doesn't lead the team he did put together.

And now we've got a city with many streets that resemble a war zone. We've got a city with a big budget deficit despite the fact we are paying more taxes than ever. We've got a city cutting services and raising fees.

We've got a city with a Police Department in shambles because of a major crime lab scandal (for which Brown must bear some responsibility).

We don't need to hire more consultants. We need to elect a different mayor.

I don't disagree with any of it, of course, but Mr. Marshall's paper endorsed Pothole over and over and over. Perhaps Mr. Marshall should have offered this input then instead of waiting to the very end to complain about streets that resemble a war zone and a budget situation that resembles, say, Worldcom's.

It IS pretty brazen, though, that Mayor Pothole offered up this proposal. What a mess he's going to leave for the next mayor. The mess is of such proportions that I don't know if any of the candidates will be up to the task (i.e. is there a Giuliani in this bunch?).

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