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Dead End Angels

I haven't seen the Dead End Angels in a while, as they've been lying low for a few weeks after finishing some studio work. So I've been anxious to hear them.

I was also wondering how they'd sound since losing the lovely Libbi Bosworth (at least for the time being). So we caught up at the HEB Central Market cafe in Austin last night (one of those promotional sorts of gigs, but a place with surprisingly decent sound).

Well, I miss Libbi (of course!), but I should have known these guys would pull it together. They're playing as a four-piece at the moment, and it sounds great. All four members sing vocals now, even Rick Poss. You have to wonder how that cat can manage it while he's tearing up the guitar like he does. No problem. And he's really stepped to the front. I love a band with a great guitarist. And throw in the rest of this crew (strong vocals, strong songwriting, strong arrangement, strong rhythm), and... well, that's why I carry on about 'em so much.

And you Houstonians can catch 'em along with me, John, Cathy, Callie, Alex, and assorted other music fans at the Mucky Duck on Thursday. Sorry for the brief review this time -- but why not come see for yourself? I mean, do I have to do EVERYTHING for ya?!

Seriously, peeps, come on out Thursday. I might even buy ya a beer.

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