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The first really warm weekend in Houston has me thinking about getting back to backpacking....

I've not gotten out much the last couple of years, because I spent way too many weekends working on the dissertation (instead of seeing the great outdoors or live music). But that's coming to an end, with the defense date a little over a week away.

So it's time to start thinking about the woods. I have a fairly new backpack that still needs some major adjustment. And there's an REI dividend to be spent -- on that note, I'm leaning towards picking up one of the newer generation GPS units that can take topo data (which means I just stuck my old GPS on ebay). And plenty more preparation (as in, lots of work at the gym).

Of course, there's that silly defense left, and whatever needs to be done following that. And it's a few weeks anyway before the weather really starts to turn nice in Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri, where I plan on spending much time in the late spring. But it doesn't hurt to start preparing. :)

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