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Mr. Whitlock has been singing the praises of Roger Creager for ages, but I've not managed to see one of his shows. So last night, we finally got to see him.

Unfortunately, it involved a roadtrip to El Campo. Don't get me wrong -- Greek Bros is a fine restaurant and a decent enough place to see a band (the acoustics are not great). But El Campo roadtrips on a Thursday night generally spell Hell the next day.

And so it was today. But it was worth it. Because Roger Creager is all that, as Callie says. Dude has good songs ("Everclear" is not the norm, thank gawd), a great band backing him, and lots of charisma. And the place was fairly packed. On a Thursday. Good choice.

I was a little disappointed with the opening act, though. I've heard some great things about the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash. But compared to so many of the bands we've been seeing lately, I thought they were a little lackluster. They were technically competent, but there just didn't seem to be much spark. And the vocal arrangements were not the strongest we have seen. It really makes me appreciate the quality Texas bands that the Firehouse brings in any given weekend, actually. And it makes me appreciate someone like Mr. Randy Rogers, whose version of Mama Tried by Merle gives the song new life compared to the cover we heard from these guys.

But hey, we've seen far worse opening acts, and Roger Creager was well worth the price of admission, the roadtrip, and the price paid the next day. Seeing a celebrated California country band open just drove home for me what a great music scene we have going right now in the Lone Star State. Nashville and Caleefornya don't have anything on the musicians playing any given night in Texas. Don't let anyone tell ya otherwise, kiddos!

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