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Euphemism Of The Day

A way to motivate Hidalgo?
Think this might motivate Hidalgo?

The Comical writes the following about Astros outfielder Richard Hidalgo today:

With that swift stroke, Hidalgo hit .314 with 44 home runs and 122 RBIs in 2000 to earn a four-year, $32 million contract before the 2001 season. He tried to add muscle in his upper body that offseason, but the bulk only hindered his swing.
Ah, yes, the bulk.

The significant bulk he added around the midsection seemed the (pardon me) bigger problem, both in terms of his hitting and his running.

What exactly does he weigh this spring, anyway? Has he lost any of the "bulk?" It would be nice if the Comical would let us know.

(Update) I don't think Hidalgo or the other Astro whiners would appreciate Bill Parcells and his motivational techniques. As a Cowboys fan, though, I certainly do! This is hilarious to me:

He has posted signs throughout the locker room. Some messages are blunt: "Dumb players do dumb things. Smart players very seldom do dumb things." Another reads, "Losers assemble in little groups and [expletive] about the coaches and the system and other players and other little groups. Winners assemble as a team."

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