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Houston Rally

Like most people, I've had a good laugh on occasion at the blundering of councilman Michael Berry. But I'll give him props for his comments yesterday:

Berry -- his speech frequently interrupted by cheers -- recounted how City Council last week rejected resolutions opposing war with Iraq. As many as 100 city governments had passed such measures, Berry said, adding that war opponents believed such municipal debates were good to let people "express their feelings."

"The good people of Houston did not send me to City Hall to conduct group therapy," Berry said. "Houston was the first major city to vote down and reject these antiwar resolutions and the professional protesters who travel around to organize them. Let's hope other cities will follow Houston's lead."

Group therapy seems to be more fun for the liberals on council than actually fixing the city's problems, such as the budget hole. Of course, we know from the Comical it's not really their fault -- it's the fault of term limits.

[Posted at 11:51 CST on 03/02/03] [Link]

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