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The Chron and Enron

Continuing the hard-hitting Enron coverage for which they are *ahem* known, the dreadful Chron reports that Andrew Fastow, one of the (alleged) criminals behind the Enron fraud, will not be moving into the 11,500 square foot River Oaks Mansion he is constructing.

Fastow, whom the Chron has recently described as a swell family man, a guy of really high integrity, a mensch, is still very concerned about his family:

The decision was made so the children would have less disruption at a difficult time, said Gordon Andrew, Fastow's spokesman.
See, that Fastow IS a really good family guy. (Investors and employees have a different opinion, of course).

They're going to try to make do with their 4,666 square foot Southampton Place abode for the moment, along with the (likely) millions (probably) siphoned off to a secret Swiss account.

Meanwhile, Fastow's wife remains very involved with the Museum of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Arts Museum Apparently the couple became knowledgeable contemporary art collectors at Enron (with the millions they obtained fraudulently -- allegedly, of course).

They're just normal folks, trying to put their lives back together. At least according to the Chron. Not very convincing, eh?

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