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Slavery Reparations

With all of the real problems facing this city in Public Works and Public Safety, doesn't City Council have better things to do than involve itself in the debate over slave reparations?

This must be another proud moment for all of those folks who helped re-elect Mayor Pothole, who placed this item on the council agenda.

I wonder what Joe Roach thinks? :)

(07-31-02 Update) Charles Kuffner is on this one also, with a list of better things for City Council to be doing.

(07-31-02 Update 2) Larry weighs in.

(07-31-02 Update 3) City Council voted down this bad idea, by an 8-7 vote. Now Mayor Pothole can go back to agitating for a mayoral mansion and against term limits (much better uses of his time than working on the real problems facing the city, apparently).

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