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It's The Humidity...

Allen Aldridge, an eight-year NFL veteran who played for the University of Houston, shocked the Texans today by announcing his retirement.

I can't say I blame him. The last couple of weeks, it's been brutally hot in Houston, which must be considered training camp hell. I've had the A/C cranked and have emerged only long enough to walk the dog.

Then again, you'd think the guy would last at least a week of training camp.

So, how weird is it for a team that has yet to have a game or scrimmage to announce a player retirement?

BTW -- hope you Texans season ticket holders are ready for the heat. You didn't think Bob McNair was going to air-condition your ass like that weenie Drayton McLane, didja?

(Update) Larry comments, via email:

Maybe they'll retire his number, too.

[Posted at 00:05 CST on 07/26/02] [Link]

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