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Pallilo Nails The Astros

No objections to the quote I heard just now from Charley Pallilo on the Astros:

They do no little things well consistently
They let one get away last night, and their Ivy-League catcher played no small part in it with his defensive and baserunning blunders.

Off to the Mucky Duck tonight to catch Trish Murphy solo. I haven't seen Trish since I was invited to an Xmas party she played with a band, so it will be good to see a solo show.

(Update) At the start of the season, who would have guessed that 101 games into the season, the Astros would get their first complete game of the year -- not from Roy Oswalt, not even from Wade Miller, but from Kirk Saarloos (who has pitched two good ones in a row).

[Posted at 16:58 CST on 07/25/02] [Link]

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