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Kudos To The Chron

Callie points me to this review of the Counting Crows' new release, Hard Candy, in the Chron. It's a pretty good review -- not just in the sense that it's fairly complimentary (although it is), but also because it does a good job describing the CD (elementary, one would think, but we are talking about our Chron). And I actually agree with the assessment of "Butterfly in Reverse." That song never quite sounded right last summer when we we caught their pre-CD working tour, and it still doesn't.

"Richard Manuel is Dead," on the other hand, is an amazing song, although I thought it was many times better live than it turned out on the CD. The reviewer describes it well.

Anyway, I would give the CD a better grade than the reviewer, but it's a fair review.


I said something nice about our Chron. Quota for July has been met.

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