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Good Is Better Than Free

Speaking of Den Beste....

He comments on the major problems blogger has been experiencing recently, noting that good is better than free.

Gawd knows I've written similar things about blogger and encouraged people to move on. I did the same thing myself a few years ago. Blogger became less reliable than I would like, but it's hard to bitch about a free tool. So I moved on to GreyMatter, a free tool that was more reliable because it only depended on my server. And then to Movable Type, which was more reliable still because of its superior design.

But what about those folks who have something to say, and say it well, and just can't really afford anything but a free solution? Now, my libertarian and objectivist and (non-compassionate) conservative friends know that I'm not saying those folks have a RIGHT to place their thoughts on the web at someone else's expense, but the web is certainly richer for their efforts.

Isn't this the sort of thing that Jarvis, et al., were working on once upon a time? Maybe they have some thoughts?

[Posted at 00:38 CST on 07/13/02] [Link]

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