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Major League Baseball 1, Bloggers 0

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You want another example of what's wrong with Major League Baseball and the Houston Astros?

Probably not, but here it is anyway:

They are effectively shutting down the best Houston Astros weblog in existence, and one of the best baseball blogs period.

You would think a blog attempting to boost fan interest in an underachieving team (with a decidely underachieving owner) would be something the team might celebrate, right?!

But no, the personal, non-profit FAN site is under attack from Major League Baseball's legal goons because of alleged copyright infringement. Major League Baseball's legal goons insist the site unlawfully uses images and trademarks of the Astros, and specifically refers to the merchandise section (which provides links to OTHER sites where people can purchase Astros gear). Sadly, its owner is going to shut it down rather than deal with the goons.


[Posted at 12:35 CST on 07/06/02] [Link]

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