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The latest from the local baseball millionaires:

"Whatever our issues are, we are together 100 percent," Craig Biggio said, refusing to elaborate on the issue.

One prominent Astro who did not want to be identified is bracing for a strike.

"We don't want to strike, but I don't think we'll be able to avoid it," he said.

Hmm... our issues, like the second highest salary on the team, and the highest among all second basemen in baseball, and a crap year to show for it? Yeah, that's an issue for one Whiny B to concentrate on, for sure!

It's good to know, though, that they don't want to strike. Isn't that comforting? Don't all of you baseball fans feel SO much better?

I knew you would. That's why I posted it!

Glad that it's all better now, and that I could be your e-therapist for a brief time.

(Note: Workout followed by coffee leads to weird posts like this)

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