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Just Plain Weird

Rehabilitating The Wall, The Hard Way

Several weeks ago, Drunk Dude ran into the privacy wall at the apartments across the street, destroying the silly thing.

It's been an eyesore ever since, just sitting there. But finally today, there's been some activity on the repair front.

Now, I'm no mason, but just speaking as a layman, I would think that to replace the wall, one might order a new load of bricks, or even cinder blocks. Or perhaps one would just erect a wooden privacy wall without much effort.

But you wouldn't think, (would you, kind readers?) that two guys would show up at sunup, on a hot, sunny, humid Houston day, with hammer and chisel, and proceed to knock the broken wall apart, brick by brick, stacking the bricks to be used again (eventually). I mean, yeah, recycling newspapers seems like a good idea. But demolished brick walls?!

That's exactly what's going on across the street today. It's nearly 5 pm, and these guys are STILL out there knocking bricks apart. One at a time.


I am sick of that noise.

[Posted at 16:32 CST on 07/02/02] [Link]

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