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06 April 2001

Rambling Thoughts

Sometimes I'll find myself in a situation where a person's behavior -- seemingly rude or stupid -- will infuriate me. And I'm tempted to say something about it, and then I remember that I don't know all the details. There could be a very legitimate reason for what's happening; I just don't know what it is.

The Lovely Evelynne, reminding all of us talented, high-achieving people to be a little less quick to criticize

A couple of days ago, Callie's mom had Callie ask me what I thought of the whole China incident. To be honest, I HADN'T though much about it, which is what I told Callie, along with: "Look, whether the downing was intentional or not, the incident is allowing them to test our new President. In a few days or weeks, everything will be forgotten, unless Bush completely overreacts, which is unlikely. It is equally important long-term that he not simply cave on everything, like Bubba." After many years studying foreign policy and political philosophy, I find this whole affair to be simple and minor. I didn't realize how few good writers there are on international politics until I found a near dearth of anything sensible on the topic (although Bill Gertz is excellent on this, and other topics in international politics. Thanks to John for bringing him to my attention). But I was too damn lazy to write up anything myself. I still am, which is why this is so short.

* * * *

I have long been meaning to say something about leaf blowers. Actually, I've been meaning to ask a question: DOES ANYONE MANUFACTURE RAKES THESE DAYS?! I am sick to death of driving or walking through Houston and seeing people blowing their goddamn grass and leaves into the street to clog up the drains (nice, since Houston is already prone to minor flash floods) with these loud, polluting, energy-wasting little machines when a rake would do the job better and probably just as quickly. However, it's STILL not a good reason for Cro-Magnon to have yelled at the yard man next door.

* * * *

I think the housing situation is resolved, which is good. Things like securing a rental, and things over which I have very little control in general, tend to drive me to distraction.

* * * *

An outstanding workout earlier, taking the day off from work, and going to see a college baseball game tonight all seem to have me in a euphoric mood. I may have to make a run to Diedrich's and add to the euphoria with a large latte (4 shots of espresso for those of you who care, and a fun staff on top of the damn fine coffee -- well, not literally on top of it). It's shaping up to be a good weekend.

* * * *

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