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04 April 2001

Enron Field

I've written before that I'm not much of a fan of Enron Field or the Major League Baseball that is played there. Nonetheless, I ventured there at the last minute at the invitation of a friend tonight. I had decided in the past that before I totally wrote off the place, I should sit in the "good" seats. I have done so now, and I don't really see any reason to go back. Nor, apparently, are many fans seeing any reason to go back. Unlike the case when new parks were built in Baltimore and Cleveland and other great baseball towns, Houston can't even sell the place out. We drew something like 36,000 last night, and had 25,000 paid tonight (doubtful there were that many people actually in seats). This is just a bad major league baseball town.

However, the Coogs are home this weekend, and I think it's time to make my first trip of the season to Cougar Field, weather permitting (it hasn't thus far this year).

* * * *

I'm privileged to be reading a couple of brand new journals right now. I'll eventually publicize them, but for now I'll give their authors some time to find their stride. I'm also lucky enough to be reading Steph's private journal, and it's a real treat (along with her larger site at Jonni's incredible Blar domain). And a gentleman with a new ideas-oriented weblog emailed a few days ago. Check out Fredrik Norman's excellent blog, right out of Norway. And of course, the fine folks listed in the portal continue to inspire and provoke and.... well, you get the idea. A big thanks to all of them, just for being how they are and doing what they do.

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