30 January 2001

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Cro-Magnon II (and more!)

When I left the apt today for work (around 7 am), there was a little Hispanic man making a terrible racket at the apartments next door.  I'm not entirely sure what he was doing, just miscellaneous yard work I guess.  Well, Callie emailed me later in the morning.  Apparently, Cro-Magnon (our downstairs neighbor), took exception to the man's noisemaking, charged out of his apartment, yelled at the man to cease and desist, stormed back in his apartment slamming the door and rattling the entire place (a Cro-Magnon trademark), and stomping around downstairs in quite a little tantrum.

Now, I can certainly understand being annoyed by noise at 7 am, especially if one is awakened by it.  Surely yardwork could wait until 8 am at the very least.  But Callie tells me this Hispanic man is really pleasant and friendly (I'm usually gone way before he's out and about apparently).  No doubt he was just doing his job, and there is no reason to be an asshole to someone trying his best to do his job.  And it's not like the man's activity woke Cro-Magnon up, because I heard Cro-Magnon's television on when I took Kiwi outside before I left.  No, Cro-Magnon just decided to be an asshole for some reason.

Probably that reason is this: Because he could.  Something is frustrating Cro-Magnon (lack of sex appeal?  Just a guess!), so rather than deal with it directly, it's easier to yell at the yard man next door.  Or the waiter.  Or someone else who's really powerless to respond.  It actually would have been funny if the man next door had come over and clubbed Cro-Magnon, because that's what asshole bullies deserve.  But that never happens, because asshole bullies always pick their victims carefully.

Kev's lesson for the day: quality people don't treat other people poorly JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.  Whatever one's sense (real or imagined) of superiority over another -- physical, intellectual, social, educational, professional -- quality people do not treat other people poorly for that reason alone.  

* * * *

I may have found my evil twin over at Trudy's Bitching Hats.  I frequently use the writings of others as a takeoff point for my own journal entries.  So I found TBH's method today eerily similar to my own -- and not just because the Band uses one of my own journal entries as a taking off point!  :)  The band also has a knack for conveying observations in an amusing manner.  At least it's amusing to me!  And, again, eerily familiar. 

* * * *

While we're on the topic of amusing observations, this little gem of an email came to my boss (and all other manager/supervisor types at the place) today from Human Resources.  Sadly, it is not a joke.  Still, it left both of us guffawing (and not just because of the poor grammar and overall style of the writing).  I've reproduced it as follows, sans the header (emphasis is supplied by me):

This is just a reminder to Managers/Supervisors regarding the procedures to be followed when you have an employee terminate.  When this happens, please complete a Change of Status Form and submit to HR immediately, with the effective date, termination reason, and rehire eligibility completed in the appropriate blocks.  Attached to the form should be the letter of resignation (if available), as well as the Absence Report for salaried employees or timesheet for hourly employees, so that the vacation payout can be computed accurately.

Too often, we have continued to pay a terminated employee after he/she has left the Company, because it was not reported to HR in a timely manner.  In those cases, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to recoup the overpayment, particularly in cases of Direct Deposits. 

As always, your cooperation and support is appreciated.  Call if you have questions.

Commentary on this one would be so easy that it's entirely unnecessary.  I just hope when I "terminate" (and if anyone's reading this journal, that could be sooner than later, huh?) that Hallmark does not notify HR in a timely manner, so that those direct deposits will just keep on rolling in while I'm sipping drinks in the Caribbean. 

* * * *

And finally, on the topic of that place that all "too often" pays people who no longer work there (aka Work). . . .  I drink a fair amount of coffee.  Coffee is a wondrous thing to me.  So I frequent the coffee bar at Work.  At least once per day when I go to get coffee, the coffee carafe will be completely empty.  Someone simply takes the last of the coffee and leaves.  How rude is that?!  I mean, it's not the same rudeness as that displayed by Cro-Magnon earlier today, but it's still rude.  Don't EVEN get me started on how many people at that place do not wash their hands when they leave the restroom.  And these are professionals?!  BLAR!  I'm glad my parents raised me better than that.   

* * * *

Caught a bit of Mayor Lee Brown on the Public Access channel tonight.  He told a long rambling story about going to Florida and his wife initially being disappointed that they didn't get to go to Disneyland.  But after they returned, she pointed out to him she was no longer disappointed because "she wakes up to Goofy everyday."  We agree.  The mayor looked quite puzzled that nobody was laughing at his "joke."  Later, Mayor Brown pointed out that "during the last six years of 1998, crime was down in all categories."  What?  I wish I were making all of this up.  He is embarrassing, and the city is crumbling. 

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