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03 April 2001

Lee Brown's America

I take a street into work each morning (San Felipe) that's a fairly quiet side street at the early time I'm commuting to work. The street runs through residential areas pretty much from the Montrose neighborhood (Waugh or so, although the street becomes Vermont east of Shepherd) to the Galleria area (I cut over at Sage). Close to the 610 loop, there's a set of railroad tracks that have fallen into disrepair, like everything else in Lee Brown's America. I drive a truck, and literally have to stop, then creep over them, because the wood around the tracks is just rotten. Going in the direction of Montrose is the worst, because the holes are craters. On my way into work this morning, a car was stopped on the tracks going that direction, its entire front wheel jutting out at the top at about a 45 degree angle. That's right -- the crater destroyed the car, literally blowing the wheel loose from the suspension.

I keep meaning to stick one of those disposable cameras in my truck so I can document the war zone that is Lee Brown's America. It just boggles the mind. On the same trip in today, there was about a 6 foot stretch of San Felipe where the pavement had just been removed, and all that was left was gravel, which of course was about 5 inches lower than the main surface. It has gotten bad when THAT was only the MINOR problem of the day.

I wish Councilman Bell all the success in the world running against our sorry bastard of a mayor (although if Orlando jumps in, I'll have to support him).

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