Good Indian, Bad Indian, and Cafe No-Longer-Torturously Slow

A few quick Houston food notes from the week:

I hit the lunch buffet at India’s on Richmond in the Galleria area this week (what was I THINKING?!). It was nasty, terribly watered down, tough Indian food (CLARIFICATION: I’m not sure it was even completely recognizable as Indian food). And the service was terrible. I’m probably one of the few people in Houston who’s ever left a buffet hungry. But I just couldn’t stomach that food. AVOID.

On the other hand, I had Indian food for dinner tonight at Shiva in the Village. That was some outstanding, spicy, rich Indian food, with very good service, and the price was pretty reasonable. I’m looking forward to trying more of their dishes.

Since my experience at Cafe Torturously Slow a few weeks ago, I’ve given the location on Kirby a few more tries — and the staff has been very quick and very friendly. And my salads have been top notch. So good for them.

And finally, the downtown Pappas BBQ still makes a fine burger. Damn fine. And a sickeningly rich cheesecake. MMMmmm!

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  • Shiva was good. It didn’t blow me away like Yatra downtown did. But it was yummy.

    Is Indian the only interesting cuisine in Houston at the moment? Chinese is almost always too sweet, and Thai is beginning to veer that way. *sigh*

  • Ah, be thankful for what you have…out here in the boondocks when we want Indian food (or anything much more exotic than HepPreez-style-Oriental) we only have one choice – cook it ourselves. Of course we do have plenty of good authentic Mexican places now, but that’s a debate that’s been done to death.

  • Have you tried cooking Indian food, Tom? I’d always thought about going to some Indian cooking classes but then saw "Bend It Like Beckham" and changed my mind.

    As for Indian food in Houston? Two words: Khyber Grill.

  • I have cooked Indianish food here to rave reviews, but bear in mind that none of the people eating it, myself included, had ever tried the dishes prepared by anyone who knew what they were doing. They may be way off. OTOH, Becky has never liked cauliflower, but goes back for seconds and thirds and fourths of "Everyday Cauliflower" (minus the asafetida which is also not to be found here in the boondocks).

  • Pappas’ Stuffed Beef Baker is the way to go.

  • Dang, y’all have me thinking that dusty can of curry vegetable stuff above my sink may end up being tonight’s supper, assuming I have enough rice to go with.

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