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Not sure what the hell THAT was, but on to 2021!

So, we’ve made it to 2021, and that was no small thing as it turns out.

If you’re still hanging in there and reading these annual updates, thanks! I’m really glad we’re all still here.

The folks in my immediate circle have (thus far) been spared the worst of the pandemic – so far, our health is good and we’ve managed to avoid the virus. However, like many, we do know folks who have lost family members to the scourge.

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Out with the old decade, in with 2020!

And just like that, it’s time for the annual placeholder/checkin/happy new year post!

I still keep thinking I’ll use this space from time to time to share thoughts on various life items — good products I’ve run across, funny stories, travel hacks and stories, neighborhood nonsense, and social/political stuff — but those intentions tend to keep bumping up against the enemy of time. Life is busy. Other things tend to get priority. So we’ll

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Happy 2019!

Time for the annual placeholder/happy new year post!

I fully intended to write more in this space this year, and even broke out a nifty new theme for it.

And life found a way to intrude, again…. Plus I’ve decided to revamp blogHOUSTON and focus on writing there (along with a few like-minded folks, I hope). That redesign is nearly complete (along with some new posts).

Here’s wishing everyone who still checks this little corner of the innerwebs a

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On elliptical trainers, Bill James, science, and expertise

At the end of last year, my recumbent bike died, so my cardio workouts now tend to come exclusively via elliptical (ideally, five times per week).

Previously, some of those 150 minutes of cardio were consumed by reading on the recumbent bike, but I can’t really read on the elliptical (I envy those who can).

So I’ve begun filling some of that otherwise mindless time with podcasts. Two favorites are Jonah Goldberg’s Remnant and Russ Roberts’s EconTalk podcasts.

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