has been my registered personal domain since the 1990s.

Early on, it was one of those tacky personal vanity “homepages” that were all the rage (with an emphasis on politics, political philosophy, backpacking, and live Texas music). Then it morphed into a personal journal/weblog. At first, all the code was handrolled. Then we moved to GreyMatter. Then Movable Type. Then Nucleus. Then Expression Engine (briefly). And now, WordPress.

The blog has won an award here and there, including a “Best Of” mention from the Houston Press (back when the place was staffed by professionals and turned out real journalism).

Way back when, I picked the domain name because I was an American political thought grad student living in Texas. Too easy, right? But I think most non-political people probably think it’s some sort of odd vulgarity. And maybe that’s not a bad way to think of it, actually. 🙂

– Kevin Whited