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I see that added another blog while I was away.

HandStamp is a blog devoted to the local music scene. I belatedly added some thoughts to Anne’s earlier post on it here. is starting to move well beyond simply the online version of the Chronicle, and that’s a really interesting

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Well, Float Trip 2005 is a wrap, and I think it was the best one yet.

The weather was perfect. The river level was just right. The campground rocked. The group of people who came to the thing was stellar.

It was really hard to leave this one. Even though there’s a crew of us now that does this thing every year, one never knows how the next year will go, so trips like this year’s are kind of hard

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I’m sneaking away to a campground to get an early start on the Memorial Day weekend.

It’s not exactly primitive, but there won’t be any internet, so I obviously won’t be checking emails or doing any posting for a few days. Anybody who desperately needs to get hold of me will figure out how to do so, I imagine.

I thought about having a guest blogger do a bit of posting, but I think I’m gonna spare any of my

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Johnson Out At A&M

After failing to qualify for the conference baseball tournament, Texas A&M wasted no time at the close of the season in terminating coach Mark Johnson:

Texas A&M fired longtime baseball coach Mark Johnson on today following a 30-25-1 season in which the Aggies finished next-to-last in the Big 12 Conference.

Hired in 1985, Johnson went 876-433-3 in two decades as head coach after two seasons as an assistant under Tom Chandler.

“I’m really hurt right now,” Johnson

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JD Crouch In The WaPo

One of my grad-school mentors in geopolitics/national security, JD Crouch, is featured in the Washington Post today.

The article fairly well captures the difference between being an academic/think-tank analyst of American foreign/defense policy, and actually crafting American foreign/defense policy from a high-level position.

Crouch is one of the most thoughtful, realistic academics I’ve ever met. He’s an asset to the

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