Oh My!

Daniel Okrent’s final column as the public editor at the New York Times is certainly a fun read.

No excerpt. Just a

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Chron Outdoors Columnist Defends Open Beaches Act

In April, I commented on legislation being considered in Austin that could eventually set the precedent to gut the Texas Open Beaches Act.

Since then, the House bill was killed on a point of order, but the Senate bill keeps creeping along.

This week, Chronicle outdoors columnist Joe Doggett cranked up the pressure on legislators who are stealthily trying to gut the Open Beaches Act:

That sprawling natural pass that cuts lower West Galveston Island and Follett’s Island

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How A Smart Governor Behaves

PowerLine comments on Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s reception for a number of conservative bloggers.

One can’t help but wonder why our embattled governor of Texas wouldn’t adopt a similar strategy of at least trying to win over sympathetic bloggers to his re-election.

Instead, his staff seems satisfied to complain about liberal bloggers instead of getting in the game. If this guy loses his office, is anybody really going to care that much? I’m starting to

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Oilpatch Democrats

Well well, there’s a new blog written by Democrats who claim to work in the oil industry.

Welcome to local blogging, guys. Or at least I assume it’s local, since I found it at Houston Democrats.

I can’t see how the blog has much to do with the industry, but maybe that will come in time. If not, the name is clever anyway.

On a related note, there’s been some serious discussion at my own BigCo in the industry

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