Form Follows Fascism

I paid homage to Philip Johnson after his passing over at blogHOUSTON, for his role in shaping Houston’s skyline.

I don’t normally speak ill of the dead, but I ran across this New York Times article on the man via Orrin Judd’s blog earlier today, and I’m going to make an exception of Mr. Johnson.

I hadn’t realized Mr. Johnson was a Nazi sympathizer:

Philip Johnson did not just flirt with fascism. He spent several years in

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Iraq Entertainment From Those Wacky LST Kids

Following his explanation of why KSEV-700 has “wheezed” in recent radio ratings, the erstwhile publisher of the Lone Star Times has now decided to share his wisdom on Iraq:

These top two selections, 53%, illustrate that the people of Iraq want to move away from the Islamic fundamentalism of the past.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

There’s a pretty major, funny problem with Dan Patrick’s interpretation of the Zogby poll — Iraq under Saddam

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Danger Train: Collision #77 (5)

There was actually a second Danger Train collision yesterday, at Fannin & Rosedale.

Don Gallagher, moderator of the Houston MET yahoo group, noted this in a post.

Although no stories have been posted to link to, John Gaver confirmed the crash with Metro and KPRC-2.

Two crashes in one day seems pretty World Class to me!

That takes us to five for the year/month, and 77 overall

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Dead End Angels In Moulton

I’m heading out Saturday to catch my friends in the Dead End Angels play a relatively new venue, the Ole Moulton Bank.

I mentioned earlier that it’s run by the fellow who used to run Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar.

It sounds like a neat place. I’m looking forward to a good venue, good music, and good company. Oh, and Shiner that ought to be damn fresh. 🙂

Things here will most likely be quiet until Sunday. Have a

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