Comical’s Andrea Georgsson Offers Leftovers To Neighbors, Neighbors Decline

Andrea Georgsson’s “editorial journal” piece in the Comical editorial section has to be one of the silliest things I’ve ever seen there.

And for a newspaper headed by someone as lacking in editorial judgment as Jeff Cohen, that’s really a strong statement.

This is an excerpt from Georgsson, one of the EDITORS responsible for putting that laugher of a newspaper together, about her electrical outage:

Not wanting to open the refrigerator — and rather proud of my cooking — I arranged what remained of our beautiful London broil, gravy, carrots and potato dumplings (work a little fresh chopped basil into the dough) on a platter and ran it over to our elderly next-door neighbors, thinking they might not be able to make dinner without electricity.

Turns out, they are vegetarians. So is the Greek family on the other side. Finally, my across-the-street neighbors took my platter.

Apparently, it did not cross the clueless journalist’s mind that the people probably were not vegetarians, but they couldn’t figure out a polite way to tell the nutjob, “WE DON’T WANT YOUR DAMN LEFTOVERS, YOU WEIRDO!”

Why we get to read about it in the editorial section is a complete mystery, which is indicative of everyday editorial judgment at the newspaper.

As Callie put it when she saw it, “that’s like a really bad LiveJournal.”

Yeah. That’s our Comical. Like a really bad LiveJournal.

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  • The local Chronicle delivery guy stopped by my apartment five minutes ago to ask if I wanted a subscription. I told him I "just wasn’t interested".

    "No, because it’s like a really bad LiveJournal" would have been a much better answer.

  • Callie: What is even more strange is that she’s much more concerned about her damn London Broil than she is a clump of cells in the womb. Nice. Very nice.

    Steve: They’ll be coming by again. I think Jeff Cohen’s under some pressure to produce numbers. Save the answer for next time. 🙂

  • I don’t understand why…if the food was so amazing…why she couldn’t just eat the damn thing herself for dinner. Why did she have to try to pawn it off on unsuspecting, unassuming, innocent neighbors who probably wasted too much of their home’s precious coolness explaining to the platter-bearing woman at the front door that they weren’t interested?

    I can understand being concerned about the elderly neighbors next door…but why then run all over the place with platter in hand? Strange.

    I tell you. I have a plan the next time we experience a blackout. I’m going to offer our Boarshead beef bologna to our neighbors. I love that stuff. Heaven knows, it shouldn’t go to waste.


  • brilliant quote.

    "really bad LiveJournal"

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