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Passing The Buck

C.O. Bradford: Taking Ineptitude Beyond Lee Brown Proportions

Police Chief C.O. Bradford is going to make an outstanding mayor eventually, if his ability to pass the buck is any indicator.

Check out this explanation of his role in the ongoing police crime lab fiasco:

"When you look at the correspondence, you can see that I approved a plan of action," Bradford said. "Those things were not done. ... At some point in time, given the breadth and depth of an operation like this, I have to be able to rely on command staff members and other division commanders. I relied on my division managers. I relied on my assistant chief that these things were taken care of."
It's not my fault. I approved a study. Someone else was responsible.

Come to think of it, he sounds exactly like Mayor Pothole!

And since they are of comparable ineptitude, I'm beginning to think C.O. is eventually going to make a damn fine mayor.

[Posted at 19:16 CST on 06/20/03] [Link]

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