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My Almost In-Law

We had a little excitement in Montrose last night.

Or I should say Callie's brother Pete, who runs the Icehouse, had a little excitement. (We weren't there).

Apparently around closing time, he noticed a white car parked nearby and a couple of people appeared to be casing the joint. They also appeared to be communicating with a couple of black guys who had never been to the bar before who were just hanging out in back, watching things.

Now, probably Pete should have called the cops at that point. But in our politically correct society, there are certain norms against calling the cops in that situation. Stll, a good bar owner tends to have a pretty good sense of things that are out of the ordinary.

So Pete, who lives right by the Icehouse, steps into his place and loads up a couple of guns (completely legal -- Pete was one of the first Houstonians to obtain a concealed carry permit). When he steps back out, the guys sitting in back are gone and he hears yelling. So he takes off towards the business, and sure enough, those guys have donned hoods, stolen some purses, and are running to the car that was casing the joint. And one of them sees Pete AND OPENS FIRE.

Anyway, Pete returns fire with BOTH GUNS, but the guys get away. Thankfully, neither Pete nor any customers or help were hurt. As far as the other bastards, one can only hope that Pete nailed 'em.

In any case, I bet the bastards won't be coming back for more at the Icehouse anytime soon. And thank goodness for concealed carry. Those bastards could have ended up hurting a lot of people, and surely getting away with a lot of loot if liberal pansies had their way, and Houston's finest would have come along an hour later to write up a report.

I wonder if these crimes (Channel 11, Channel 13) were carried out by the same bastards? They sound suspiciously similar. I'll post a report on the Icehouse incident later if one is put up anywhere.

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