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The Big Label Country Music Shite Factory At Work

I have defended Pat Green from a lot of (jealous) naysayers who claim he's just another sellout to a big label. And honestly, I don't think Three Days sounds like most of the shite produced at the Big Label Country Musical Music Shite Factory. Nor do I think any of it's gone to Pat Green's head (the same Pat Green who has worked his ass off playing music in every nook and cranny of this state).

But this news may give the Pat Green doubters some grist for their mills:

You think Pat Green's next album, "Wave On Wave," set to hit stores June 17, is going to get support from the Universal/Republic label? After hearing a rough version of the title track (and leadoff single), Universal Music Group president Doug Morris, perhaps the most powerful man in the music biz, insisted on co-producing the song with Universal South's Tony Brown. The two honchos then sent their mix back to the album's producer, Don (R.E.M.) Gehman, who added his touches.

The label's president co-producing the song? I mean, doesn't the jackass have anything more important to do with his time? And if not, shouldn't he?


On the other hand, I did dig up this interesting observation from the Patster:

When we met with Republic Records, it was a natural connection for me," GREEN says. "I didn't want people telling me what songs were going to be on my record and what musicians were going to play on them. I wanted it to be my band, my songs, my sound, and my comfort level. I'm not here to buck the system, either. I'm just a guy who likes my job and wants to continue doing it. Republic had complete faith in me, which blew my doors down."
Poor son of a bitch didn't expect the label's executives to be producing his second record, I'll wager.

(this entry reworked about half a dozen times because of the fun effects of cold medication and the general disbelief I had in a label exec reworking something, then his crony reworking it, and then the actual producer reworking it. and they wonder why so many Texas artists go the independent route!)

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