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I couldn't get very interested in Max Stalling at the Firehouse a few nights ago.

But I guess I just wasn't being philosophical enough.

Because as William Michael Smith puts it,

On the strength of Wide Afternoon, Stalling has already been described as Hank Williams meets Albert Camus. While that seems like a made-to-order blurb, in the 35-year-old Stalling's case it just may apply. Not bad for an Aggie food science major with minimal education in literature and none in French.
Hmm. Maybe that was the problem. I prefer to get my philosophy from the classics, and my music from Texas country artists. I don't expect Nietzsche to supply me with music, and I don't look to Aggie food science majors to enlighten me philosophically.

Surely Max Stalling doesn't take himself all THAT seriously, and it's just William Michael Smith getting awfully carried away. Because this reads like something from an overly eager grad student.

[Posted at 22:06 CST on 03/31/03] [Link]

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