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I Am Not A Crook

There is much that is disturbing about this story in the Comical, but this is perhaps my favorite part:

The probe marks at least the second investigation involving Shelvin. In 2001, she pleaded guilty to a felony, illegally acting as a voter agent. She had filled out voters registration cards using parents' names and Social Security numbers as a part of a social legislation class she was taking at Texas Southern University. She paid a $500 fine and was fired from the district Oct. 5, 2001.

Shelvin appealed her termination and was reinstated Oct. 11, 2001, because the charge did not endanger children, according to a letter from Chief Business Officer Cathy Mincberg.

With that behind her, Shelvin said she is no crook.

It's good to know that convicted felons who are, inexplicably, responsible for educating our children can claim not to be criminals. That sets a fine example.

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