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Expanding The Boycott

Since everyone is so busy getting the music of the Dixie Chicks banned all over the place, we're gonna take a slightly different approach here at PubliusTX Headquarters.

Since we fully applaud any effort to protect the ears of fellow citizens from the noxious sounds that emanate from the Nashville pop-country factory, PubliusTX Headquarters is hereby boycotting Kenny Chesney.

Just say no to bad music

I don't know Kenny's politics, and I don't care. It's bad music.

It's about the music around here.

(Update) Callie has never heard "She Think's My Tractor's Sexy" so I just played it for her.

Response: "That's really bad."


(Update 2) While we're at it, Darryl Worley doesn't do a hell of a lot for me either. But it's shrewd marketing to write co-write a patriotic song when your career's flailing. Give him credit for that. And it may be one of the more genuine songs to come out of Nashville recently. That's a sad statement.

[Posted at 19:56 CST on 03/15/03] [Link]

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