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Great Idea

One of the best ideas I've seen yet:

The Wilson Phillips Wannabes

Now if they could just break out the tape for Kenny Chesney and 90% of the Nashville idiots, country music would be much better off.

And no, that's not even a political statement. Their music (generally) sucks!

(03-15-2003) Isn't this all starting to get a little overblown? I mean, I like some of their songs. And I'm not going to stop listening to those songs because Natalie Maines is a birdbrain! Nor am I going to stop listening to "Guitar Town" because of Steve Earle's politics, or "Dallas" because of Jimmie Dale Gilmore's politics. Does it really do much good to call in and get a bunch of good music (or in the case of the Chicks, a little good music) banned from playlists? Does it make you feel that much better? Isn't the real problem taking these people seriously on anything but their music in the first place?

[Posted at 22:42 CST on 03/14/03] [Link]

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