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The Great Disappearance

So what's a little white lie when you're among friends and fans:

That last compact disc was the band’s 2000 release, “The Day,” Reckless Kelly’s third album.

The CD had a roots rock sound, led by Braun’s vocals, which inevitably draw comparisons to a younger Steve Earle. Band members Cody Braun, David Abeyta, Jay Nazz and Chris Schelske added to the high-energy sound of “The Day.”

All except Schelske will play Saturday. The bass guitar player is taking time off. Jimmy McFeeley will fill in.

“Chris is on vacation and is probably coming back soon,” Willy Braun said. “But he’s definitely coming back ... as far as we know.” (February 21, 2002)

I'm holding out for a year+ vacation, but so far the company won't spring for it.

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