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Council Of Buffoons

I didn't write this letter to the Houston Press. And neither did Owen. And thanks to Dan Davila, we didn't have to:

Council priorities: Will someone explain why our City Council would spend one nanosecond debating U.S. military action against Iraq [The Insider, by Tim Fleck, February 20]? Like they don't have more pressing problems to deal with on our behalf?

Gordon Quan and his band of liberal henchmen need to focus on traffic congestion, torn-up streets and construction companies that seem to live by the adage "Take a short job, make it long -- take a long job, make it longer!" They also need to focus on the staggering budget shortfall created and nurtured by Lee "Is there anything I haven't screwed up yet?" Brown.

Yo, Gordo! You, Carroll, Ada, Annise, Carol, Gabe and Hiznumbness need to get off your lazy butts and fix our city instead of drafting a resolution that Bush, Rumsfeld, Condy and Colin could give a rat's ass about. As if!

The argument that a U.S. attack will take money away from cities is especially galling coming from a city that pissed away its golden egg from the '90s economic boom. We worry about our negative image so much, now you know how we got it: inept civil servants. If this were Vaudeville, they'd bring out the hook! I need some milk of magnesia.

Dan Davila

[Posted at 20:17 CST on 03/12/03] [Link]

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