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Ron Kirk

Here's an interesting letter from the American Prowler's website:


Re: The Washington Prowler's Ron Kirk Confounded:

Ron Kirk was a disaster as mayor of Dallas. During his two terms as mayor, basic city services involving crime, education and streets were neglected. Kirk's record on crime is devastating. Check out to learn that Dallas has had the highest total crime rate per capita in the nation among cities with population over one million for the last four years. Every year but one during Kirk's term as mayor, the total crime rate per capita increased. Burglary and robbery per capita have also been the highest in the nation for the last four years. In 2001 Dallas was #2 in murder, rape, larceny/theft and auto theft per capita. All stats quoted are from the FBI website

During the 1990s, most major cities saw a decrease in crime while Dallas' crime steadily increased. Mayor Giuliani reduced crime in New York City by almost 70%. Now a person is twice as likely to be murdered in Dallas than in New York City.

Dallas built new stadiums and funded projects that favored the wealthy and the business establishment while the quality of life for the average Dallas citizen deteriorated. Heaven help Texas and the nation if Kirk becomes Senator.

Calie Stephens

[Posted at 20:41 CST on 09/24/02] [Link]

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